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The work process continues throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and accomplishments steps are accelerating in various fields of the work, whereas there is a remarkable expansion in the contracting market in the Kingdom. Anab Contracting Group had contributed in several fields and we were able, by God help, to the completion of a number of projects, and identification within our objectives to the participation in the development witnessed by the Kingdom.
And by God willing, we will continue to participate in all fields of development in order to contribute to the development.

Work Strategy

  • Ensure to implement all projects in accordance with engineering standards.
  • Identification the timetables for each project and following up on its implementation.
  • Providing equipment, cadres and experienced engineers, supervisors and technicians.
  • Implementation the projects according to plans for implementation, examination, testing and delivery.

Main Objectives

  • Quality and accuracy in project implementation.
  • Compliance to project schedules.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Training, resettlement and maintaining a serious work environment.

Our Abilities

The company has an administrative and technical cadre that specializes in architectural, construction, and electromechanical works and modern implementation equipment. Also, the company has a fleet of equipment and supplies to implement its projects.

Our Launching

Anab Contracting Group was established in year 1410H and its management is interested since association to develop its experiences and its administrative, technical and financial cadre to increase the ability of the group and competition to execute the projects of the public and private sector.

Our Vision

To be a leading group in the field of contracting and investment to keep pace with the economic development in the Kingdom to participate in development and realization good returns while maintaining quality standards and customer satisfaction.